An idea turned reality

Empowered Health was started with a conversation about access to products that you could trust for CBD and general health needs. By creating a trusted, quality driven CBD brand marketplace to the public, more people will have access to products that may do well for them.

Once the Farm Bill of 2018 made it legal to sell and purchase CBD, a wave of resellers showed up, most of which looked like grow houses trying to sell out of their warehouse. Our mission was to find the best of the best and offer them to the public in a clear, transparent way. We work to always deliver the best in CBD and general health products.

Our goal is for everyone to "Feel Good, Naturally".

Quality Over Everything

When it comes to providing CBD, we focus on one thing, QUALITY. If the product isn't rich in CBD through 3rd Party Lab Testing, then it isn't being sold by Empowered Health. People deserve to know that what they put into their bodies has been checked, re-checked, and passed quality assurance.

Have more questions?

Visit our FAQ page with answers to questions on Orders, Shipping, and CBD.

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