Meet Whole Circle Farms, Organically Grown Hemp

In a world of synthetically and genetically modified products, spotting something organic is like looking for a pin in the sand. If you are worried about your health and have no idea where to find organic hemp medicine, then look no further then Whole Circle Farms. Their farms sow and cultivate cannabis plants organically grown without any help of stimulators to alter the natural behavior of the hemp strain. All of Whole Circle Farms’ products contain less than 0.3% THC ensuring a non-psychoactive effect and zero toxins to manipulate your body.

History and values

Whole Circle Farms is made up of a family that previously farmed organic almonds and cranberries in California before moving to Oregon and growing organic hemp. Focusing on organically grown hemp, the farm has been certified organic by the USDA, Certified Kind, & Oregon Tilth. This means that all hemp grown on the farm is guaranteed to not contain any pesticides, herbicides, flavoring, or genetically modified seeds to grow the hemp. 

Types of Products

Hemp pre-rolls:

This product is made by using a unique strain with one CBD Aqua Azul and one CBG white. It comes directly from hemp and then undergoes curing and hung processes to get its real goodness. It is preservatives, color, nicotine, caffeine, and pesticides free.

It will not get you high and its potent CBD can treat inflammation, toxins, and pains. Or you are experiencing mood swings. Then this strain will help you uplift the mood.

Hemp CBD gel:

A topical you apply directly on the skin for skin related problems.

The strain used is extracted by CO2 method  after freshly cultivating on our farms. It belongs to the broad-spectrum topical, which means that THC is not present in this strain. You won't feel any euphoric effects on the application of this lotion.

CBD mints:

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get CBD into your body then you should checkout the Whole Circle Farms CBD Peppermint Mint. It contains high amounts of CBD in just one mint with the added benefit of fresh breath.

Each mint tablet contains about 10-20mg of CBD.

CBD Sublingual Tincture:

The most effective form of taking CBD, sublingual tinctures enter the bloodstream directly through the tongue. Simply put a few drops under your tongue for about one minute and wait for the action.

One bottle contains 500mg of hemp extract, and it contains 16.6mg of hemp extract per serving. It belongs to the broad-spectrum category of cannabinoids with low THC content to keep you chill without the high.

Hemp teas:

Available in peppermint, organic, and naturally sweet flavors, Whole Circle Farms’ organic hemp tea is made of raw buds from the hemp plant with full-spectrum cannabinoids to capture the highest amount of value from the CBD. 

Hemp CBD capsules:

In case you’d prefer a more “supplement” feel to your CBD intake, organic hemp CBD capsules are recommended. These are best for those experiencing anxiety, stress, and depression. 

The capsules contain about 26mg of CBD content. Those who are starting taking CBD should use these capsules to get used to the intake if other forms are not preferred. After taking it, you can increase the dose according to the needs. 

All of these products are made from Whole Circle Farms USDA certified organic Hemp farm. 


Whole Circle Farms products available on our website:

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