How CBD Can Help You Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

Deck the halls, ring the bells, do everything because 2021 is finally here!

I want to be the first to wish all our readers a very happy new year because you honestly deserve it. Not only was 2020 the beginning of a new decade, but it was also one the most challenging years that many of us have seen. Many plans were canceled, we spent a lot of time inside, and it is perfectly understandable if you had to put your goals on hold for the time being. 2020 was all about staying alive and healthy, it is enough that you made it.

Now, it is a new year, and there is a new you. You can get back on that horse and go crush your New Year Resolutions. Still, I know it can be a little challenging to get that mojo back and go back to hitting your goals after such a touch year.

The good news is CBD is here to the rescue! Yes, there are so many CBD benefits that can help you overcome your new year anxiety, and permanently banish self-doubt.

So what are the benefits of using CBD in 2021?

Well, I am glad you asked;

  • Managing anxiety

We all get anxious and stressed from time to time. There is actually a straightforward explanation for this reaction. 

When we experience anxiety, it usually comes in the form of this irrational sense of impending doom. This is our body’s natural ‘fight or flight’ response to protect us from lurking physical danger.

The catch is, human beings have evolved into sophisticated creatures, and we don’t necessarily need that feature. So delete, right? No, not quite. The body can still send itself into a ‘fight or flight’ overdrive by worrying excessively about the past and present.

Your body naturally produces a substance called serotonin, which is responsible for our mood changes. When you face chronic anxiety, your ability to produce serotonin is hindered, and you can easily slide into depression. 

Using CBD products alters the serotonin signals in your body, improving your general mood, and helping you feel more relaxed as you chase those goals.

  • Boosting self-confidence

Yes, you read that right. CBD can actually help you become more confident. Many of us have suffered from low self-esteem or lack of confidence at least once. Sometimes, it can be fleeting, like right before you turn in a big report or when you are about to walk into an important meeting. We falter for a few minutes, but we generally bounce back.

Coming out of a year like 2020, it is safe to say a number has been done on our confidence, but CBD can change that.

The body contains a molecule known as Anandamide. This is what makes us able to feel pleasure and motivation. CBD specifically targets the body’s natural supply of Anandamide and stimulates it in a manner that boosts the generation of motivation and pleasure in our brains.

The bottomline is CBD can only be effective by enhancing the things that already exist in your system. In the same way, your best shot at achieving your New Year Resolutions is to summon your own inner courage and let CBD make the road easier for you.

Happy New Year! 

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